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PKF Chile Finanzas Corporativas Ltda. is a subsidiary of PKF Chile. It has a prestigious team of outstanding professionals, experts in financial matters.


  • Business
  • Controlled and minority equity
  • Right to use and bare right of ownership
  • Derivatives
  • Physical and intangible assets
  • Structured and contingent liabilities
  • Biological assets
  • Works of art

Financial Studies:

  • Cost of capital
  • Financial projections
  • Models of fair compensation
  • Projects Formulation and evaluation
  • Budget formulation and control analysis
  • Optimal financial structures
  • Scenarios financial analysis and prospective simulation
  • Value impairment testing (IAS 36 + USGAAP 142 and 144) formulation and review
  • Models for estimation and hedging effectiveness
  • Actuarial studies and calculations
  • Business models

 Competition and regulation:

  • Transfer Pricing studies
  • Advice on establishing models for competitive equilibrium prices
  • Development of models for pricing in regulated or high concentration markets
  • Models and tariff studies
  • Conceptualizing of business model
  • Market concentration
  • Industrial sector analysis
  • Economic projections

Assistance in transactions:

  • M&A
  • Data Rooms preparing and managing
  • Development of information memorandums and prospects
  • Business due diligence

Support on management financial information:

  • Costing models formulation, evaluation and implementation
  • Management control models development and evaluation
  • Accounting models formulation, evaluation and implementation
  • Management audit

The team is led by:

    Sr. Héctor Osorio G.

  • Master´s Degree in Economics, Universidad de Chile.
  • Magister in Military Science, Academia de Guerra, Ejército de Chile.
  • Magister in Finance, Universidad de Chile.
  • Accountant & Auditor, Universidad de Concepción.
  • Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies,National Defense University, WDC.


    Dr. Rafael Romero M.

  • Doctor of Business Administration in Finance, Boston University.
  • Master of Arts in Economics, Boston University.
  • Business Management and B.A. in Economics, Universidad de Chile.