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María Isabel Fuentes

María Isabel Fuentes

Accounting Supervisor
Tel: +562 2650 4300
Email: pkfchile@pkfchile.cl

Professional Experience

María Isabel is an Accountant and Auditor graduated from Instituto Profesional La Araucana, with over 6 years of experience in the accounting area.

Most of her professional activities have been related to the use of systems such as Softland and Defontana for recording accounting entries. She has been involved in review processes by the Internal Revenue Service (SII) preparing information, documents, answering inquires and representing companies in relation to notices received from the tax authorities.

She has performed account analysis, prepared official records, financial statements, Net Taxable Income (RLI), recorded investments, payment of contributions, prepared Forms 29 and 50, affidavits, has dealt with business permit reductions and municipal procedures.

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